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Welcome to KU Travel Services

The University of Kansas has partnered with Collegiate Travel Planners (CTP) to provide employees with Concur Travel, an online booking tool that complements our Concur Request & Expense. Placing travel tools and services, training resources, and travel policies in one place to help make the travel process easier.

Who Is CTP and How Do I Contact Them?

Travel Process

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Before Travel

An approved Concur Travel Request is REQUIRED for all university-related travel outside the state: 14-days prior to domestic and 30-days prior to international travel. After your Travel Request is approved - utilize Concur Travel, the University’s online travel booking system administered by our travel agency Collegiate Travel Planners (CTP), to book travel. Travel can also be booked directly with CTP as needed.
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During Travel

While traveling - utilizing your KU/KUCR P-Card will allow you to avoid paying out-of-pocket for allowable items like airport parking, hotel and Uber/taxi to & from the hotel/airport. Use the Concur Mobile app to capture and submit receipt images while on the go for timely processing. P-card receipts must be submitted within 5 days of purchase.
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After Travel

IMPORTANT: Travelers are NOT to create their own reimbursement Expensing Reports in Concur. After trip completion - please submit your travel expense info to your SSC or travel processor. They will create a Concur Expense Report for you using your E-Receipts, any additional receipts, and trip documentation you submit to them. Out-of-pocket receipts MUST be submitted not later than 60 days after returning so the reimbursement can be processed without being taxable income.

Travel Resources

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Travel Training Library

Step by step travel training videos and guides, as well as a training signup link & request for in-person training.
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Travel FAQs

Contains answers to several Travel Policy and Concur Travel/CTP Frequently Asked Questions by category.
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Travel Policy & Procedure

Review KU, KUCR, and KUEA travel policies and procedures, including guidance by subject.

Travel Safety

Healix Sentinel Travel Oracle - What to Expect

KU contracted with Healix International, a Travel Risk Management Service provider, to provide employees and students with assistance in relation to travel risks and emergencies prior to and during university related travel.

Healix Sentinel Travel Oracle Overview Video

A short five minute Healix Sentinel Travel Oracle overview video with download and setup instructions.

Healix Sentinel Travel Oracle App

The Healix Sentinel Travel Oracle App is your ultimate travel safety companion. KU travelers are encouraged to download the app to their smart phone to stay up-to-date on their travel destinations and for safety communications.

Healix Sentinel Travel Oracle Website

For the best up-to-date information and risk alerts for travel destinations around the world, visit the Healix Sentinel Travel Oracle website and create an account using our KU policy number.