KU Travel Process Overview


This training guide provides a general overview outline of the travel process for KU employees. Please note, this is a general overview and may not be inclusive of every potential step in all travel situations.

Travel Process Diagram

Before Booking

  • Obtain KU/KUCR P-Card
  • Update your Concur Profile as needed
  • Take Training or review Training Materials as needed
  • Visit gos.ku.edu for export and international travel info

Submit Request & Book Travel

  • Submit your Dept approaval and estimates to the SSC for Concur Travel Request creation
  • When approved, Book Travel in Concur

Take Trip

  • Don’t forget to take your P-Card with you
  • Use Concur Mobile app to electronically submit receipt images
  • Call CTP if issues arise during travel at 877-630-1232

Complete Expense Report

  • Upon return, submit your travel expenses to SSC for Expense Report creation
  • When Approved, your reimbursement is paid

Step One: Before booking (as needed)

  • Obtain a KU/KUCR P-Card:

    For security and appropriate institutional compliance, travelers are not permitted to save a credit card assigned to another employee or a department card to their Concur profile.

    • SSC and Department P-Cards should be used for travel expenses booked in Concur, except for guest travel or group bookings.
    • Travelers must use a KU/KUCR P-Card issued to them or a personal credit card in Concur.
    • If you do not have a P-Card, employees can obtain a KU, KUCR or KU Declining Balance P-Card by completing the following:
      1. Complete P-Card application (Procurement Card Action Request form)
      2. Have P-Card application approved by department appropriate supervisor.
      3. Complete and Pass the P-Card Quiz. P-card quizzes are administered in Blackboard. The requestor will be notified by email with directions for the quiz.
  • Activate E-Receipts from the Concur Home Page Alerts section or the Profile Options.
  • Review current Travel Policy & Procedures to familiarize yourself with travel policy.
  • Request training -OR- visit the Travel Training Library for Concur Travel instructional assistance.
  • Visit the Office of Global Operations & Security site for guidance on Export Compliance and International travel Security Management.

Step Two: Submit Request and Book Travel

  1. Submit travel estimates to your SSC or travel processor: Upon receiving travel approval for your trip from the appropriate Dean or Director, submit travel estimates to your SSC or travel processor for the creation of a Concur Travel Request (TR). Once the TR is submitted by the SSC, the workflow will automatically route to the funding approver. Concur Request allows us to encumber/budget funds for your trip as well as serves as the recorded approval the State requires.
  2. Upon receipt of Concur Request approval, book travel in Concur: Once approved, travelers can easily book discounted flights, hotels, and cars from the Concur desktop or mobile app while staying compliant with KU Travel Policy. Additionally, booking your travel through the University's travel program ensures you can be supported by the University and/or our team of CTP travel agents should difficulties arise before or during your trip.

Step Three: Take your Trip

  • Don’t forget to take your P-Card! To have avoid having to wait until after your trip for a reimbursement, use your KU/KUCR P-Card for eligible travel expenses, excluding meals, booked in Concur and while traveling. Remember, Concur does not pass along payment information for rental car and hotel reservations, so travelers will need to present a form of payment at arrival. However, Enterprise/National and most major hotel chains are partnered with Concur, so many required receipts will automatically feed to your Concur Expenses if you sign up for e-receipts in your profile. If not, you can.
  • Use the Concur Mobile app: While traveling, the Concur Mobile app can be used to book or review travel plans, as well as snap a photo of your receipts that will feed into Concur. To further help streamline the process while traveling, check out the Concur App Center for travel app such as Uber, Lyft, and The Parking Spot that can connect to your Concur profile to submit receipts electronically.
  • Call CTP if you encounter issues while traveling: If you encounter issues such as flight delays or cancellations or hotel booking issues while traveling, please reach out to our travel management company, Corporate Travel Planners (CTP) at 877-630-1232, 8am-5pm CST M-F or the After-Hours Emergency desk at 877-200-1501, 5pm – 8am CST M-F, Weekends & Holidays.

Step Four: Complete Expense Report

  1. Upon return, submit your travel expenses to SSC for Expense Report creation: Utilizing e-receipts and electronic receipts through Concur Mobile and linked travel apps while traveling allows you to move away from paper receipts and spreadsheets. At the end of your trip, submitting the breakdown of your trip expenses to your SSC will be even easier as your e-receipts and other electronic receipts/documents can be automatically fed to Concur for quicker Expense Report creation.
  2. Approval and Expense Reimbursement: Once the Expense Report is submitted by the SSC and goes through the appropriate approval workflow, the traveler will be reimbursed for any out-of-pocket expenditure.