Activating E-Receipts in Concur


This training guide explains how to activate e-receipts in Concur.  Once activated, e-receipt eligible purchases will appear automatically in Concur as an Available Receipt and attach themselves to the appropriate P-Card expense transaction (if applicable) for travel reimbursement or P-Card expense processing.

Questions and Assistance

  • For Concur Travel questions and assistance, please contact Travel Services at or the Financial Services help desk at

What is an E-Receipt? 

The term e-receipt refers to an electronic receipt sent directly to Concur.  E-receipts provide full invoice details directly from the supplier.  Concur has partnered with most airlines, as well as major hotels and car rental companies to provide e-receipt data directly into Concur, eliminating the need for scanned paper receipts for eligible purchases. Individuals are strongly encouraged to enable e-receipts in their Concur profile before booking travel. Follow the steps below to activate e-receipts.

Step One:

From the Concur Home Page:

  1. Under Alerts, locate the e-receipt alert, select Sign up here.

Screenshot of Step One: Sign up for e-receipt alert

  1. Then from the E-Receipt Activation page, select where it says, click here.

Screenshot of Step One: E-Receipt Activation page


If you do not have any Alert notifications on your Home Page, go to your Profile > Profile Settings:

Under Profile Options

  • Select E-Receipt Activation to get to the E-Receipt Activation page.
Screenshot of Step One: Locate E-Receipt Activation link

Step Two:

The E-Receipt Activation and Use Agreement window appears.

  • Read and select I Accept
  • A Confirmation
    message appears
NOTE: Since you must accept the terms, this action cannot be performed by an Arranger/Assistant/Proxy. The user must do this themselves.
Screenshot of Step Two: E-Receipt Activation and Use Agreement message


After enabling e-receipts, in your Available Expenses you will see the e-receipt icon next to e-receipt eligible expenses. Select or hover over the icon to view the e-receipt. Your SSC will use this receipt as documentation while reconciling the expense. Even when utilizing e-receipts, it is best practice to keep copies of your receipt as backup.

E-Receipts for Concur Travel arrangements will be sent to Concur for the following:

  • All airline ticket purchases.
    • Agent fee and ancillary fees such as SW Early Bird & Baggage Fees are NOT e-receipt eligible, receipts for those fees need to be submitted to the SSC via email or other established methods.
  • Most major hotels. Concur will note E-Receipt Enabled hotels in the Hotel Search.

Screenshot of Step Two: Notice for E-Receipt Enabled Hotel

  • Most major rental cars. Concur will note E-Receipt Enabled rental cars in the Car Search.

Screenshot of Step Two: Notice for E-Receipt Enabled Rental Cars