Reserving a Hotel Room


KU employees can use Concur Travel to reserve a hotel room for business travel for themselves, other employees as an Arranger, or for guest travelers. This training guide walks you through how to reserve a hotel room for yourself or for other employees as an Arranger.  Arrangers see the Acting on Behalf of Another User guide before proceeding for additional steps.  A hotel room can be reserved with a flight, rental car or separately.   Per University policy, all employees should submit a Travel Request to your SSC contact or travel processor prior to making travel arrangements. 

Step One:

From the Concur Home Page, if you checked the Find a Hotel box under the Air/Rail tab, skip to Step Two for hotel selection instructions.

If you require a hotel but not airfare, use the Hotel tab.

Screenshot of Step One: Hotel Screen


To search for hotel options:

  1. Enter the check-in and check-out dates
    • select each field and use the calendar
  1. Enter the search radius
  1. Choose to search near an Airport, Address, Company Location, or Reference Point / Zip Code
    • key city, neighborhood, landmark in box
    • use name containing box if applicable
  1. Select Search. The hotel search results appear.


Step Two:

Sort and review hotel results as needed.

Screenshot of Step Two: Hotel Search results map

There are filters on the left side of the Select a Hotel page. Use show and hide dropdown arrows as needed to change or customize your search.

  • With these filters you can:
    • Change Search dates and location
    • Specify Price range, Display Settings, Property Brand, and Amenities

You can use the hotel map to narrow your search as well.

  • select any blue “balloon” to see specific hotel information below the map,
  • use the + or – sign to enlarge or shrink the map
  • use the Name Search or Sorted By dropdown to sort the results


Step Three:

On the Select a Hotel page, review and select a room.

Based on your search criteria, a list of hotel options will be listed below the map. Each hotel will have a picture, address, rating stars, E-Receipt Enabled notation if applicable, and price.

Screenshot of Step Three: Hotel Search results list

  1. Select the hotel picture to see more hotel images.
  2. Select Hotel details to see contact information, street address, hotel policies, and information about the facility.
  3. Select View Rooms to see:
  • The available room options and rates
    • note Per diem limits and compliance Green check-mark icon or warning Warning sign icon icons
  • Other amenities per room/rate
  • Rules and cancellation policy
  1. Select the $Price button of the room you wish to select.

NOTE: If you wish to book Airbnb accommodations,  they have to be booked separately from your flight itinerary on the Hotel search tab.  If you are selecting an Airbnb, the $Price listed in Concur is total nightly rate including all cleaning fees, service fees, and taxes, not just the base nightly rate.  To reserve an Airbnb home from Concur:

  1. From the Concur Trip Search Hotel results, click View Details on any Airbnb listing you are interested in.
  2. If the listing is the place you would like to stay, select Book on Airbnb.  You will then be sent to the Airbnb website to see the price breakdown and make the reservation. 
  3. Log into your Airbnb account or create an Airbnb account if you do not already have one, and and add your Verified KU email as work email to your profile if you have not done so already.
  4. Compete the booking process, makin sure to select the reservation as a work trip.
  5. When you finish booking, you will choose the option to return to Concur to review your reservation.  Your itinerary will automatically be sent to Concur and will be listed in your My Trips section of your Concur account.

Step Four:

On the Review and Reserve Hotel page, review hotel room and select the appropriate options.

After verifying the Review Hotel Room information:

  1. Review or Provide Hotel Room Preferences as needed.
  2. Verify or Enter Hotel Guest Information, including Hotel Program information.
  3. Review the Price Summary.
  4. Select or Add credit card as a Method of Payment.
    1. This is to hold the reservation; traveler is required to provide a form of payment upon arrival.
  5. Review and Accept the Rate Details and Cancellation Policy.
    1. Select the “I agree to the hotel’s rate rules, restrictions, and cancellation policy”check box.
  6. Select Reserve Hotel and Continue or select Back if you need to edit your dates or hotel selection.

Screenshot of Step Four: Review and Reserve Hotel page

Screenshot of Step Four: Review and Reserve Hotel page


Step Five:

On the Travel Details page:

  1. Review Trip Overview section
  2. Add a Car or additional Hotel to your itinerary, if needed


Screenshot of Step Five: Trip Details page

3.  Review Reservations section, Change if needed

4.  Select Next

Screenshot of Step Five: Trip Details page


Step Six:

On the Trip Booking Information page:

  1. Enter or modify your Trip Name.
    • This is how the trip will appear on your itinerary and in the automated email from SAP Concur.
  2. Enter a Trip Description.
    • This is where you can give trip information to your SSC or travel reconciler.
  3. Indicate if there is anyone else who should receive the initial confirmation email.
    • Enter as many recipients as needed, separated by commas.
  4. Select Next to proceed with finalizing your booking on the Trip Confirmation page.

Screenshot of Step Six: Trip Booking Information page


Step Seven:

On the Trip Confirmation page:

Screenshot of Step Seven: Trip Confirmation page

  1. Review your trip details
  2. Select Confirm Booking to finalize your hotel reservation.

Screenshot of Step Seven: Trip Confirmation page


Step Eight:

Upon completion, Select Return to Travel Center to go to the Home Page.

Screenshot of Step Eight: Completed Reservation page

Step Nine:

Find your Trip Itineraries and/or Sign Out of Concur from the Home Page.

Screenshot of Step Nine: My Trips and Sign Out links on Home Page

Your Trip Itineraries can be found in the My Trips section of the Home Page, or in Travel > Trip Library.

To Sign Out of Concur:

    1. Select the Profile dropdown
    2. Select Sign Out