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First-Time Users

Information on what to do and what to know before using Concur for the first time.

First-Time Checklist - Required Actions

  1. Create a Concur Travel Request for ALL university related travel outside the State of Kansas and ensure it is approved or you have available funding before booking travel in Concur Travel or directly with our travel agency CTP. 
  2. Establish form of payment.  Travelers must use a KU/KUCR P-Card issued to them -OR- a personal credit card in Concur. If you do not have a P-Card, employees can obtain a KU, KUCR or KU Declining Balance P-Card at their supervisor's discretion by completing the following:
    1. Review Procurement Card Procedures and P-Card FAQ as needed, then fill out the Procurement Card Action Request & Application(PDF) form.
    2. Submit P-Card application upon receipt of approval by appropriate supervisor.
    3. Complete and Pass the P-Card Quiz. P-card quizzes are administered in Blackboard. The requestor will be notified by email with directions for the quiz.
    4. Once the completed quiz is submitted, you should be able to pick up your KU/KUCR P-Card within approximately 10 business days.  Declining Balance P-Cards are generally ready to pick up within 4 business days or less. 
  3. Update your Concur Profile.
    • Ensure your name matches your ID used to check into airport security. If it does not, email the correct name to
    • Add your mobile number for airline contact purposes. HINT: It is suggested that Travelers put their Mobile number in the Work number cell as it is a better contact number.
    • Complete the Verify process for your KU email address
    • Add your SSC support staff or travel processor's email in the Email Addresses section so they can always get a copy of your travel itinerary/invoice for documentation purposes
    • Add your emergency contact info
    • Add travel preferences and frequent traveler programs if applicable
    • Add travel arrangers that will help manage your travel as needed
    • Enter KU/KUCR P-Card issued in your name -or- personal credit card -- multiple cards can be saved to your profile
  4. Activate E-Receipts in your Profile Options page.
  5. Visit the Training Library as needed for instructional assistance with booking in Concur Travel.
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Helpful - But Not Required Actions

  1. Visit the Travel Policy & Procedures page for travel policies and guidance.
  2. Download the Concur Mobile App.
    • The ExpenseIt tool within Concur Mobile can be used to take pictures and submit receipts automatically to your Available Expenses for reimbursement processing.
    • You can view your travel itineraries or book travel on the go as needed with the Concur Mobile App.
  3. Connect other mobile travel apps to Concur.
    • Travel apps such as Uber, Lyft, The Parking Spot and Spot Hero that you connect to your Concur Profile will automatically send electronic receipts to your Available Expenses for reimbursement processing.
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