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All-New Travel Training Materials

KU's Concur Travel is connected to our travel agency Collegiate Travel Planners' (CTP) system. All Concur bookings flow through CTP for confirmation and ticketing.

Old Booking Tool Training Materials - As Needed

See the categories below for subject specific Concur Travel training guides and videos. No closed captioning is provided in the videos below, if you need access to these videos with closed captioning please email

Concur Travel Requests

Learn how to create a Concur Travel Request (TR), as well as edit or cancel one as needed.

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Booking Travel

Learn how to book flights, hotel rooms, and rental cars through Concur Travel. Also learn how to use TripLink and TripIt Pro to book directly with travel supplier and still create an electronic Reservation in Concur and stay compliant with Travel Policy.

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Travel Expense Submission

Traveler are NOT creating their own Expense Reports in Concur. Learn how to submit travel receipts and reimbursement requests to your SSC or department travel processor. Also, learn how to electronically submit receipts into your Concur Expense page.

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