Add, Edit or Remove Travel Arrangers or Primary Assistant


This training guide explains how to add, edit, or remove a Travel Arranger or Primary Assistant who can arrange your travel or have visibility into your booked travel itineraries. In Concur, Travel Arrangers are also referred to as Assistants.  Note: The individual you wish to add as an Arranger/Assistant must have their Concur Profile updated and Concur Travel Arrangers and Assistants are not sent safety notifications for their travelers.

Questions and Assistance

  • For Concur Travel questions and assistance, please contact Travel Services at or the Financial Services help desk at

Step One:

Locate the Assistants/Arrangers link in the Profile Options page.

From the Concur Home Page:

  1. Select Profile > Profile Settings.
  2. Select Assistants/Arrangers under Travel Settings.

Screenshot of Step One: Locate Assistants/Arrangers link

Step Two:

In the Assistants and Travel Arrangers section, select Add an Assistant to add an Arranger or Primary Assistant.

Screenshot of Step Two: Adding Assistants & Travel Arrangers

NOTE:  If you check the Refuse Self Assigning Assistants box, a Concur administrator in the KU FMS department will not be able to proxy into your account and assist you with travel issues.  It is strongly recommended that you leave this box unchecked.

Step Three:

Add the individual you want as an Arranger/Assistant.

Screenshot of Step Three: Adding an Assistant pop up box

  1. Search for an arranger by typing in their name in the Assistant box.
  2. Check the box that applies:
    • Can book travel for me = someone that can book travel on your behalf
      • You can have multiple Travel Arrangers
    • Is my primary assistant for travel = someone that needs visibility into your travel, also receives itinerary emails which contain the CTP Agent Fee receipt/invoice
      • You can only have onePrimary Travel Assistant
  3. Click Save. The Arranger/Assistant will appear in the Assistants and Travel Arrangers section.


Step Four:

You can Edit or Remove an Assistant or Arranger as needed. Note: the Primary Travel Assistant is noted by the designated Assistant’s name.

  • To Edit a Travel Arranger or Primary Assistant select the pencil icon. 
  • To Remove a Travel Arranger or Primary Assistant select on the Trash icon.  
  • Make sure to Save any changes before leaving your profile.

Screenshot of Step Four: Edit or Remove someone from List of Assistants and Arrangers